Forever young? Not really…

Yesterday was my 28th birthday. Not too bad, huh? I’m not that sure about that anymore. As I walked to the elevator to go to work, for the first time in my life, I had this unusual feeling…I felt old. Something in my body, the way I walked, the way I breathed felt different. I remember feeling different when I woke up and looked in the mirror. Young, but not the kind of early 20s young  when everything seems possible, when you’re invincible, when nothing really touches but goes through you.

As a child, I used to dream of growing up and imagine my life as an adult: my career with very specific details  and a stable personal life. I didn’t spend too much time worrying about my personal life. I was obsessed with having a dream job; of course that had changed over the course of my late childhood, teenage years from a successful and ruthless business woman (aka Sue Ellen Ewing 2) to a powerful criminal lawyer or later a curious and adventurous journalist seeking out the truths of the world.  I’d pray so much for the time to go by, for me to grow up once.

So, I’m all grown up now. I’m slowly heading into my thirties when your metabolism slows down, your biological clock is ticking (oh, how I hate this phrase) and apparently your hormones go crazy 🙂 And, I don’t feel too happy about it. I’d rather be in my early 20s, trying to figure out how I can mature faster :).


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