Food Photography

I love good food, especially desserts. I started taking pictures of desserts that I made a couple of years ago. Nothing fancy and planned, on the spot with my Cool Pix point-and-shoot camera. A few months ago, my friend Eni told me that she had signed up for a professional photography course. Through her blog , I started discovering a variety of  photography sites and came across some gorgeous food photography/styling blogs like Tartelette, Cannelle et vanille, Lifestyle blog etc.  I couldn’t take my eyes of their photos. I was in awe with their crystal clear images, their stylish compositions and scrumptious food. I wanted so bad for my photos to look half as good as theirs that I began reading online about the art of food photography. I was both fascinated and surprised at how much time and effort you need to put into your photos before you can get decent results. I was committed to trying it too…

On my birthday, my husband surprised me with a brand new DSLR Canon EOS Rebel XSi and a tripod. I was sooooo happy. So far, I’ve studied the manual and took a few nice shots (I think) . Now, I have one more reason to wake up in the morning: natural light for my photos, plus the excitement that goes with preparing my shots, composition and of course, my camera.


One response to “Food Photography

  1. It’s a nice feeling to know that some innocent talk about photography can bring up some undiscovered talents.

    I am proud of you Simona.


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