DIY Frozen Yogurt & Cups

Now that the good weather is finally here to stay, I’m definitely going to take more pictures and try to blog more often.  While I was looking for ideas for my next ‘photoshoot’, I came across Amy’s blog, a graphic designer turned professional  style blogger living in Australia. More specifically, I was looking for some ideas or hints on buying/creating your own ice cream cups.  She’s very talented, I like her stylish ideas and fresh approach to interior design and DIY projects. You can also download free stationery printables for parties, entertainment and home. I ended up downloading the ‘argyle’ and ‘striped’ designs, bought  some white paper cups, sticked them on top and BAM!

I wanted to do a cute photoshoot highlighting my latest addiction, homemade frozen yogurt. I’ve recently bought an ice-cream maker and have been trying a few recipes. Surprisingly, they taste very good, are a lot healthier because you can control the amount of fat/sugar, plus they’re fresh!

Here is the latest recipe that I made.

Mixed Berry Frozen Yogurt

You need:
500 gr. Greek yogurt (I used Liberte)
A handful of mixed berries (preferably frozen)
2-3 T honey or agave syrup
1 t vanilla extract

What to do:
Mix ingredients in a blender, then churn the mixture into your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions (approx. 25 minutes). Refrigerate longer if desired. Bon appetit!


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