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Spring Fashion Alert

Over the years, fashion has proved that some trends never go out of style and others are more prominent than others. That is the case for the 1950s era that seems to have come back in style, at least for this spring.  When we think about the 1950s, we realize how much femininity fashion has lost throughout the years. Women used to dress very “smartly” and feminine on every occasion. Wearing a dress was a given whether it was for  work, a casual get-together or a special soirée.  Dresses were almost always accompanied by heels, gloves and stylish purses. The most popular styles were the swing (right) and pencil (left) dresses.


The idea was to look “every inch the lady” and, with the help of dresses/skirts women achieved the hourglass figure.  Below are some images from Vogue and Women’s Journal that illustrate the most popular trends for this era. There is a certain glamour,  nostalgia and a ‘je ne sais quoi’ that take us back to a time where women  looked feminine and delicate yet sophisticated.


Anthropologie’s newest collection proves once again that the ‘soft’ side of fashion is here to stay. Some of the outfits I love include the librarian look, college girl meets cute ensemble and flirty skirts and tops. Happy shopping!


Travel Back in Time with Retro Swimsuits

While looking for a new swimsuit for my upcoming Carribbean vacation, I’ve come across a number of Retro style swimsuits. According to Swimco, a Canadian swimwear retailer, retro-modern is a term used to describe today’s styles that carry us back into the glamour and class of days past, while providing today’s women with well-fitting feminine swimwear. Common elements of retro styles include lower cut heights, ruffled fabric, broad straps and basic colours that almost any woman can wear. Inspiration of this trend can be seen in designers such as Jantzen and Michael Cors.  Here are a couple of swimsuits from the 1950s – classy, feminine and flirty.

What I love about retro modern swimsuits is that they take us back to an era of nostalgia where women were potrayed as these ‘vixens’, an image of classic timeless beauty.

Retro style swimsuits come in neutral colours (great for concealing figure flaws) or bright hues which give you an elegant youthful look. I’ve fallen in love with Jantzen collection but don’t know where to find them in the GTA area yet. In the meantime, I think I’ll visit Anthropologie and Bikini Village for similar styles. Here are some of my favourite pieces. I can’t wait to try them on.

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Autumn Fashion

I like fashion and could spend hours in front of the computer checking out various websites. My favourite stores include Banana Republic, Tristan & America,  Club Monaco and a new store I’ve discovered recently, Anthropologie. Here are some outfits I like from Banana Republic.  Did I mention I’m in love with Anthropologie’s new collection?